The Politics of the Environment

The environment occupies significant space and attention in political spheres. Reconciling competing interests and narratives on the severity of the world’s ecological systems, like its water and air, can appear complex and challenging.

Can environmental sustainability be reconciled with political interests and economic realities? What is current research indicating about environmental policy and law? Where are the future trends and how does it compare to public opinion? How are politicians and experts debating and studying these issues? How can the markets react to proposed changes?


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Guests: Bruce Hyer (Deputy Leader of the Green Party)
Megan Leslie (NDP Environment Critic, Deputy Leader)
Hon. John Mckay (Liberal Environment Critic)

Nik Nanos (President and CEO of Nanos Research)
Professor Stewart Elgie (University of Ottawa and Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission)
Gareth Jones (Director, Structured Commodity Transactions, Merrill Lynch Global Commodities)
Mark Cameron (SVP, National Practice Leader, Energy and Natural Resources, Hill & Knowlton)

Keynote: Hon. Tom Mulcair

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The Politics and Economics of the Environment

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