Preparing for the Workshop

We encourage you to review the agency survey as a reference in preparation for the workshop.  At the workshop, IFSD will work with you shoulder-to-shoulder to complete the survey. 

To complete the survey, you will require your agency’s information for the 2017-2018 fiscal year.  Please ensure you have access to information for the following categories during your time in Ottawa for the workshop:

Operations: Information regarding your agency’s ongoing costs of doing business. This includes salaries, benefits, agency legal fees, staff training, travel expenses, and small agency deficits, for example.

Capital: Information regarding the costs of your agency’s fixed assets, including costs of maintenance, repairs and retrofitting of buildings, land, vehicles, and technology equipment (e.g. phones, computers, software).

Protection: Information regarding your agency’s costs for programs associated with placing a child in alternative care outside of the parental home. Examples include purchases on behalf of children in care, per diem costs for children in care in placements out of the parental home (including foster care, group homes, institutional care, and kinship care), post-adoption subsidies and supports, respite care, non-medical services to children in care with behavioral problems and specialized needs.  Your agency’s current number of protection cases, their impetus, number of assigned staff, and related details will also be necessary.

Prevention: Information regarding your agency’s costs for programs designed to reduce the incidence of family dysfunction and breakdown or crisis and to reduce the need to take children into out-of-home care or the amount of time a child remains in out-of-home care. Examples include violence prevention and family support services, mentoring and non-medical counselling services, home management services, land-based and cultural programming, intensive family reunification programs, least disruptive measures, purchase of basic needs items (e.g. security deposit, money for diapers), intake and investigation, transportation and accommodation for medical and non-medical appointments.Your agency’s current number of prevention cases, their impetus, number of assigned staff, and related details will also be necessary.

Governance: Information regarding the costs of your agency’s accountability, transparency and decision-making mechanisms. Examples include Content Management Systems, collecting and analyzing data, audits and evaluations, Band councils, Elder councils, and advisory boards.

A laptop is required to complete the survey (online, using on-site Wifi). Please bring your laptop and laptop charger.